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We are a small but very effective company, with 2 engineers and 1 office staff member. All of whom you will encounter in person or on the telephone at some time.

Each is a valued and crucial part of the team helping the business to be everything we want it be. You can meet the team below and we have included a small insight into each of us.

Sean - Director

Favourite Film:
The Last Of The Mohicans – The hero always gets the girl!

Slogan For Life:
“Let’s create something to be proud of”

Random Facts About Me:
1. I used to be a Sunday School teacher.
2. I represented Great Britain twice at the Triathlon world championships (I didn’t win!)

Who Inspires Me:
Winston Churchill – he did his best work after the age of 65.

Andy - Engineer

Favourite Film:
Bladerunner (Best name for a villain ever “Roy Batty”)

Favourite Car:
Singer Porsche, exquisite engineering and obsessive attention to detail.

Favourite Holiday Destination:
Majorca, for the cycling opportunities of course!

Guilty Pleasure:
Single Malt.

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01302 788 574


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